Special Programs

At BENS, we provide special programs for the children to enrich and deepen their learning experience.

Music with Cantor Elaya
Cantor Elaya [pronounced ee-LAY-ah] Jenkins-Adelberg served as teacher at Temple Sinai and Temple Isaiah, a song leader at Camp Newman, and a counselor at our own Camp Kee Tov! 

Shabbat Circles with Clergy
Each classroom is visited by a clergy member who participates in Shabbat circles. Jewish rituals of blessings and songs fill the classroom and the children have a special opportunity to interact with our Rabbis and Cantor on a weekly basis.

Adventure Groups
In our afternoon program, the three and four year old children participate in Adventure Groups, which venture off campus and into the neighborhood with teachers several times a week. Our wonderful location contributes to these adventures being a truly unique, fun and sensory experience for the children.

Class Shabbat Dinners, Hikes and Work Parties
Each class participates in a Shabbat dinner, Hike and Work party over the course of the school year. These events foster connections between parents and children as well as allow families to interact with school and the greater Bay Area in a new way.

Shabbat Ruach at Congregation Beth El
Shabbat Ruach is Congregation Beth El’s monthly Shabbat service geared towards families with young children. Occurring every second Friday from 6:15-7:00 pm, this Shabbat service is full of songs and blessings and is accessible for young children to bring in the joy of Shabbat with their families.