BENS Year Round!

Although BENS is not a year round school, we are excited to provide additional programming during winter break and over the summer months!

BENS Winter Camp is a mini-camp experience offered over winter break and is subject to staffing availability and scheduling. Over winter break mini-camp, BENS children continue to play and learn at school and dive into cold and rainy weather exploration, cooking and puddle walks!

Camp BENS is our fun and enriching summer experience that is geared towards three and four year olds that are currently enrolled in our school year program. Children enjoy the outdoors, water play, art, cooking and many other special activities. It is a time where BENS friends can begin to transition into their new classroom and get ready for the year ahead!

Camp BENS includes two four-week sessions that coincide with the Camp Kee Tov sessions. Camp BENS fees are the same as school year fees.