At Beth El Nursery School (BENS) we believe children are competent, capable and eager to learn and make more meaning of the world around them. Jewish values, culture and Hebrew language are woven into our classroom curriculum. Kavod (honor), chesed (kindness) and kehillah (community) guide children to honor themselves, others and the world around them. Through an emergent curriculum and nurturing environment, our teachers bring their passion, expertise and a hands-on learning approach to their students. At BENS, we strive to inspire lifelong learning.

At Beth El Nursery School, teachers, parents and the clergy join together to provide a supportive, hands-on, emergent curriculum based program. We see each child as an individual and our teachers use their expertise to facilitate and promote appropriate social skills, cognitive development, communication, positive self-esteem as well as literacy and physical growth (fine and gross motor skills). Jewish values and culture are woven into our teaching methods by story-telling and celebrating the holidays and Shabbat. We strive to meet the goals of each child, family and teacher and value our partnerships with families to ensure the very best individual care and education for each child. Our hands-on teaching methods and emergent curriculum allow for us to provide a custom learning experience in each classroom.